Cooperation Public Lightingand Energy Fryslân

The Coöperatie Openbare Verlichting & Energie Fryslân U.A. (OVEF) buys energy for several Frisian institutions and organizations, including the Province of Fryslân, 17 municipalities, BV Sport, the Fries Museum, Omrop Fryslân, Tresoar, Security Region Fryslân and the FUMO. OVEF does this by issuing and managing a tender. After this tender is completed, the supply and invoicing will take place directly with the customers involved.

The power, which is purchased collectively for a multi-year period, can be described as ‘grey’ power. The gray power is “made sustainable” by the partial sale of Guarantees of Origin (GVOs).

The Green World Company conducted an analysis of the process and advises OVEF’s management on the development of the prices of GVOs and the strategy for OVEF for the future. We made an inventory of the existing policy plans and are helping to draft a new plan. This is not just desk work: our work also includes holding discussions with responsible officials such as aldermen, (municipal) directors, CFOs, policy officials, etc. To provide the right insight for everyone, we developed a customized dashboard in which the consequences of administrative choices are made clear.