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Waste to Energy

NV Selibon is the waste collector and processor on Bonaire. The landfill at Lagun has been around for a long time and new insights and new processes make a better and more efficient separation of waste streams possible and necessary. But what if you could extract value from waste? And what if that waste provides energy, clean energy. In the coming years, Bonaire will develop more and more and at an ever-increasing pace into a “Blue Destination”. The development of Bonaire is going well in terms of economic activity. The island is very much in the spotlight and everywhere there is construction and investment. That in itself is great, but it also brings with it a number of challenges: how does the entire population deal with these developments [so not only the people who come but also the people who have been living and working there for years], how will the future increasing traffic flows be managed in the right direction and how will the increasing waste flows be properly managed, Especially now that the landfill is almost full. These are developments that can still be influenced by and on the island. In addition, there are also worrying developments ‘from outside’: climate change, rising sea levels, global warming, increasing heavy rainfall, etc. In short: there are quite a few challenges that Bonaire is facing.

In this context, Selibon wants to take its responsibility in collaboration with important partners, for example by investigating whether energy cannot be extracted from waste streams and whether, if successful, it is not possible to generate and supply more energy at the same time.

The Green World Company, together with specialized partners, made an initial feasibility study: we are curious about the follow-up!

Waste to EnergyWaste to Energy

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  • ClientSelibon