With so many options available in the renewable energy industry, it can be easy to lose sight of which opportunities work best for you. If you give us some some of your time, The Green World Company will provide you with top-of-the-line solutions. We are fully committed to you and your specific demands; the very same way as we treat our own investment projects. Because wherever we go, land, sea, heights or beyond, we work on your new installation with 100% commitment. We design, build, and maintain every installation, large or small, with equal care and dedication: whether it’s your investment or ours.


Making use of the very best software available, TGWC calculates the solar yield your PV-Plant should be returning. When it doesn’t, however, TGWC’s monitoring and maintenance platform will make sure corrective and regular maintenance is applied when necessary at a price point suitable to your budget.


If you are looking at lowering your electricity bill, but do not want to invest, we can provide you with a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. We will engineer, procure, and construct the solar pv system, while also taking care of financing and maintenance. On top of that, we ensure that the predicted energy yield will remain in place as promised during the lifetime of the system. Your benefits in short: no investment, a greener Building and a lower and 100% predictable electricity bill.