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Save onWater expenses
Increasedproduct lifespan
Reduce yourmaintenance


Getting green can sometimes seem like a daunting task when first delving into sustainability. The endless possibilities can feel overwhelming and the vast amount of information confusing. Whether you need a little or lots of help,  as your sustainability partner The Green World Company will provide guidance troughout your journey of going green.

I'm looking for a solution on water

Our flagship product, TGWC Floating, provides greenhouse growers and other bussinesses with the tools to realise a return on their reservoir.

I'm looking for a solution with perspective

With such a wide variety of options at hand, many roofs remain underused when it comes to solar panels. We have a great offer for entrepreneurs eager to turn their (asbestos) roof into a source of energy.

I'm looking for a well-grounded solution

Afraid of heights or getting your feet wet? We also realise solar parks on your pastures, farmland, fallow land or other underutilized terrain.

I'm looking for something entirely different

Do you have a challenge beyond the beaten track? Thanks to our advanced models and analytical experts, we offer tailor-made solutions for every business case.

The economic value ofsustainable ideas

“Here at The Green World Company we’re always looking for that greener patch of grass. This drive to improve enhances our ability to come up with unique solutions to the unique problems our customers face. Herein lies our greatest strenght: never backing down from a challenge, never settling, and leaving no stone unturned in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.”

– Atze Walstra

AboutThe Green World Company

With the energy transition rolling ahead full-steam and a wealth of opportunities for organizations  to participate, The Green World Company is here to guide you on the rocky road of sustainability in its own way. Our experts are ready to provide no-nonsense advice and assistance any time, any place. The Green World Company is not afraid to stray from the beaten path and get its hands dirty when trying to find the best solutions for unique problems. It’s all in a day’s work.

The Green World Company conceptualizes, designs, finances, and realizes sustainable projects for anyone looking to create a greener future, without headache or unnecessary expense. From risk analysis and feasibility assessment to exploitation and monitoring, your concern is our command. When dealing with difficult problems, there are no easy outs. Instead, we tackle these issues with a practical mindset and a clear goal in mind. That’s what makes The Green World Company unique.

Regardless of the issue we’re facing, our approach is always spearheaded by the highest level of professionalism and solution quality. It’s quite straightforward really; your prosperity is our purpose. That’s the strength of simplicity.