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Bonaire International Airport [BIA] is next to the port[s] of Bonaire, the gateway where hundreds of thousands of Bonaire residents and guests come and go every year to live, work or enjoy all the beauty and good things the island has to offer.

BIA is developing rapidly and wants to be a modern and optimal service provider and at the same time offer the right price-quality ratio for its customers and guests. Sustainability in the aviation sector and therefore also for airports is an item that BIA takes very seriously, add to this the desire and vision to facilitate electric flying in the near future and there is every reason to look now at the possibilities for optimising the energy supply: to make it better, more sustainable and cheaper.

Coming up with and realising concepts for this is ‘grist to the mill’ for The Green World Company. We started the first studies in 2023, the piles will soon be able to go into the ground for the first installations and the battery energy storage systems will also follow in the coming years.

Bonaire International Airport goes green!


Bonaire International Airport goes green!

Project information

  • LocationBonaire
  • ClientBonaire International Airport