A solar consultantthat deals in unique concepts

It all starts with an idea, a concept. Here at The Green World Company, we’re not stuck at thinking in products exclusively. Products are a commodity, but concepts are unique. Finding a balance between demands and possibilities, limits and endless opportunities; that’s what we’re working on, that’s what we’re striving towards. We kick off with a clear and unique risk analysis, covering all aspects of pre-existing or newly-conceived installations.

Expertisewhere it counts

We work with the best technicians available in the field: from start to finish and from simple to complex. In addition, we have a number of partnerships with both companies and private individuals. Together, we are a part of a growing community of first-class experts where it comes to sustainable solutions. A collaboration with The Green World Company means getting an organisation on board that has the right contacts in any sector, is aware off all rules and regulations and the latest developments – and is therefore able to deliver the highest quality for the lowest possible price.

Ourconsultancy services

Business case optimalisation Monitoring of systems and procedures (Pre-)feasibility study from DC to LC to MV Financial Engineering
Total energy optimalisation Assessment of maintenance reports Land or water research, acquisition and support Structuring
Micro grids and decentral networks Implementation of operational facilities, both manned and unmanned Basic / full energy design Advising or attracting optimalised funding
Energy-efficient storage solutions Assessment of the production installation Procurement and/or selection Potential subsidies
Energy as a service Asset management Risk assessment and risk analysis
Installation of monitoring – realtime 24/7 including updated reports and checks EPC or EPC evaluation
Contractual and legal advice
Project management (on/off-site)
Construction supervision
Commissioning and (definitive) acceptance tests