The Green World Company is an organisation that tackles the energy transition in its very own way, both at home in the Netherlands and abroad. Every day, our experts are here to help you, with rolled-up sleeves and foots firmly planted on the Dutch clay. Idealistic, but without pipe dreams.

We conceive, design, finance and realise sustainable projects for anyone looking for greener future without unnecessary expenses or headaches. From risk analysis and feasibility assessment to exploitation and monitoring; your concerns are our expertise. Not mainstream, not looking for the easy way out, but always with a practical mindset and a clear goal in mind: creating value for our customers. That’s what makes The Green World Company unique.

Our missionand values

The way we cooperate with our clients is reflected in the values we adhere to. Our primary mission? To support and advise in the process of creating sustainable value, helping you as entrepreneur – and the world as a whole. Together, we make up a puzzle piece in the global energy transition towards an environment that is low in CO2 and high in eco-friendliness. For us, for you, and for later.

The Green World Company is not a one-day fly. We’re in this for the long run. That means investing time and energy in building sustainable relations with our clients and our partners, growing into a respectable industry leader where it comes to renewable energy.

In any task we take on, we strive for the highest possible quality and professionalism. It’s easy to say that you want the best for your customers, but we take it 100% to heart. Day in. Day out. The underlying idea is simple: when our clients are succesful, we are succesful. 

Sincereand reliable

The Green World Company consists of a close-knit team of professionals with years of knowledge and expertise behind their belt. As our client, you profit from that collective energy, which we channel into tackling any challenge thrown at us. Independent, informed, and with an unbridled passion for creating a more eco-friendly world – without it affecting your pocket.

An eco-friendly world means a better world. And a better world starts with honest and ethical entrepreneurship. We value long-term relationships, mutual appreciation, the protection of confidential or sensitive information, and conducting our business sincerely. That makes us the reliable business partner in any project.

We always strive towards the most practical approach for any tasks. As we said: rolled-up sleeves, feet on firm ground, steadfast and ready to go. Challenging conventions and redefining best practices, without technical jargon or fine prints. Because simple is so much stronger.