Realization of a unique solar park on Saba, providing the entire island with energy by sun and batteries during the day. The Green World Company acted as a technical advisor to the Saba Electric Company NV.

On Saba, a special municipality of the Netherlands in the Caribbean, a solar project with electricity storage has been realized in cooperation with our client. For the first time in history, the island is no longer dependent on diesel generators during the day and runs completely on the power of the sun and batteries. The total energy demand is provided by a 2.1 MW solar PV installation, combined with a ramp-up battery system and a 2.6 MW Battery Energy Storage System. A custom-built system with some special island-specific requirements: exposure to salty air, hurricanes, a rapidly changing cloud cover and an extremely steep slope made this a job of some magnitude in every sense of the word.

  • Project location: Saba (Caribbean Netherlands)
  • Client: Saba Electric Company BV
  • Commissioning: Phase 1 – 2018 | Phase 2 – 2020
  • Installed PV power: 2.1 MWp
  • Ge├»nstalleerde opslagcapaciteit: 2.6 MW
  • Annual energy yield: 3.465 MWh
  • Annual diesel savings:> 880,000 liter