Ons team

The Green World Company is an internationally working consultancy and EPC [Engineering, Procurement and Construction] firm for Renewable Energy with a different approach. The Green World Company is powered by remarkable and exceptional people. All are 100% determined to perform the best in advisory services and deliver new levels of value for our clients.

We face the challenges with an open mind; 'slightly different'... No matter what the questions are: not mainstream, not looking for the easy way, always practical and with a clear goal what to achieve.

All are working to make this world a better place for the children of today.

Our values

Our mission and values drive the way we work with our clients
The main objective is to help create lasting value, improve performance, and reduce risks as part of a global transition to an almost zero carbon environment. Our mission is to become the best and respected renewable energy advisory company. To achieve this; we will build long-lasting and sustainable relationships with our clients and partners

Everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define who we are and how we do business
We believe that a strong culture and clearly defined shared values are essential to build a great business. We are fully committed to meet the highest professional standards and always do right by our clients, our partners, and the communities in which we work and live.

Clients First
We know if our clients are successful, we will be successful. We put our clients’ interests first and are committed to deliver the highest quality and model professionalism in any assignment we take on.

Integrity and Confidentiality
Doing right by our clients, safeguarding confidential information, and interacting with everyone honestly and ethically makes us stronger and helps building long lasting relationships.

Teamwork and Passion
We believe in flexibility, not in overhead: we form the best team for each individual challenge. We are all independent professionals, but we believe that by operating as one team, built on shared principles, a shared sense of purpose, and a passion to out-perform, we can harness our collective energy to deliver outstanding work.

A Practical Approach to Excellence
We always strive to bring a practical “sleeves-rolled-up” approach to our assignments, focused on getting the job done. Not the easy way out, no mainstream; only the best possible solutions matters. We aim to exceed expectations, challenge conventional thinking, and re-define best practice. We communicate in a straightforward way and do not hide behind technical jargon.


Our qualities


  • We are an experienced team of experts
  • We make things happen
  • We enable goals to be realized
  • We offer a range of services that go beyond that of traditional consultantants and if wanted: built the installation ourselves
  • We are creative and practical in our approach and look beyond the usual and obvious solutions


Our method

It all starts with an idea, a concept. At The Green World Company we are not hindered by thinking from products. Products are a commodity, concepts are unique.

Finding the balance between demands and possibilities, boundaries and endless options: that’s where we work, that’s where we want to bring you to.

We start with a clear and unique Risk Analysis, covering all aspects or new-to-built plants and or installations or refits.


A concept needs to work, needs proof of evidence and needs to be sustainable. Investments in renewable energy should be based on a solid business case. We make that business case with advanced methodology and our own, highly rewarded, financial models.

Our models are a solid base for attracting finance and talks with financial institutions, investors and banks. If wished: we will find the best available, optimized funds for you.

We know how and where to attract the right finance for our customers' demands. 


Technical Engineering and improving plans and concepts come in different stages of each process: it’s the details that count (and make the difference).

We work with the best engineers in the field: from start to end and from simple to complex.


And finally; we implement.

Implementing for us means: make your organization ready to make use of your investmen(s) in renewable energy yourself. Become independent, not depending on expensive and “far away” maintenance organizations.

We train your staff and keep them up to date.


Our partners

We have partnerships with both companies and individuals. 

Being an Associate Partner brings the benefits of remaining independent and at the same time able to grow with our other partners and being highly flexible in an international working organization.

Working with and for the Green World Company means being part of a growing community of first in class experts in the field of Renewable Energy Solutions.



Given our ambitions and growth we are always looking for associate partners who:

  • Have an enthusiastic, inspiring and strong personality
  • Have the quality, knowledge, stubbornness and are first in class in his or her discipline
  • Are entrepreneur and have an own network of clients
  • Have a solid educational background
  • Want to commit on a sustainable and longer period to The Green World Company

If you have interest: please let us know by sending your motivation and resume to [email protected]