Turn your old astbestosinto a solar powered roof

Solar panels on an asbestos roofwithout additional costs

Looking to place solar panels on an asbestos roof? Without any additional costs? Then look no further! Our project ‘Zon voor Asbest’ is one of our clean initiatives, aimed at the removal of asbestos in roofs for the agricultural sector. And we’re very proud of that! By looking at the current situation and available roofing space with agricultural business owners, we can make a big difference in realizing clean solar roofs. Costs aren’t an issue: we finance, plan for and remove the asbestos, and install a brand new PV-installation afterwards, using only the latest and best Tier 1-products available. This is how we create a more sustainable future for The Netherlands.


…there’s more than 55 million square meters of asbestos on roofs still? All of those have to be renovated in the coming years, due to health and insurance issues. By efficiently installing solar power installations right after renovating, we effectively cure a sour price tag while creating a new energy source.

55 millionsquare meter asbestos in The Netherlands
25years of exploitation of solar power
600watt peak power per panel in the least case
100%powerful moves in the energy transition

We finance and realizeyour solar power

Asbestos is a remnant from another time, that has to be renovated due to governmental or health implications. The problem: such a liability can quickly become a large sunk const, which you’re never happy about. We’ve come up with the solution: we renovate your asbestos free of charge and combine that with the construction of a solar power installation. Without fine print. The PV-installation is exploited for 25 years of service, in which we use the energy to supply the local network. At the end of that period, you have the choice of acquiring the entire installation for the symbolic price of a single euro.

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