Wijnjewoude is a village with about 800 households in the province of Friesland. Many small villages in the countryside are emptying; the youth is leaving for larger cities and stores, schools and care institutions are closing their doors.
The inhabitants of Wijnjewoude have come together and united in a collaboration: WEN [Wijnjewoude Energy Neutral]. WEN’s goal is for Wijnjewoude to be 100% climate neutral by 2025. To achieve this ambitious goal, residents companies, local and regional authorities, will work together to achieve the common interest ‘renewable energy’ for all.
The Green World Company is an advisor to WEN and together with WEN a master plan will be drawn up for a.o.
– 5 – 6 MW Solar PV installation on the ground
– Transition and operation of 163 homes through the housing association
– Establishment of a biomass power station
– Battery storage system
– Wind power