What if your basin was a cost saverrather than a cost item

For a horticulturalist, sun, heat and water are essential to a perfect harvest.  The sun offers its services for free, of course, but the other two are large expenses. The water supply has to be maintained, and the basin has to be cleaned regularly. Generating your own energy through the power of solar panels is the sustainable and cost-saving solution. Unfortunately, the available roof area of your company can be a limiting factor here.

The water basins on your premises, however, take up free real estate which can easily be utilized! And the Green World Company’s Floating Systems are the ideal solution. Modular, light-weight, and tailor-made for any basin, our aluminium supporting structure offers long-time value for money. We don’t use plastic – which means that green really means green.

A water basin with solar profits

Generating your own energy is an easy way to turn a profit. It’s simple: sustainability is good for your environment – and for your company. The solar panels on top of our Floating Systems achieve the highest possible yield through an optimal output efficiency and clever usage of space. That’s what we call the value of water.

Reducing maintenance

Our systems help with reducing algae growth and preventing pollution by waterfowl. That means you can increase the maintenance intervals – with a direct effect on the financial bottom line.

Lengthening the lifespan

We only use seaworthy aluminium, both for the float and for the supporting structure. And when we say only aluminium, we mean just that. 0.0% plastic. We believe there’s no room for plastic in a green future. In addition, aluminium is known for its durability and longer operating life.

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Our Floating System has been developed with horticulturalists in mind, with the underlying process tailor-made for this sector from A to Z. In addition, we see our personal touch and customization as key to our decisive successes. It’s simple: sustainability should always come with higher margins. That’s what we call cooperative entrepreneurship. Take a look at our video for a first impression.

3500horticultural companies in NL
600watt peak of pure power
12year guarantee on our solar panels
100%circular construction for a greener world

Flexibleand modular

No basin, no tank, no water surface is the same. That’s why we develop the best-suited solution with the best-suited advice for every situation, based on our patented concept.

Always thehighest quality

The Green World Company only uses top-of-the-line systems with the highest possible yield. With our own maintenance and quality assurance. All of our solar pannels have a watt peak of 600 or more, adhere to the highest industry standards, and are allways Tier 1 products: for a higher yield, a longer operational life span, a 25 year warranty and optimal fundability.