Safe money instead of spending itwith floating solar panels

What if your basin was a cost saver rather than a cost item? Our floating solar panels help owners of greenhousers to safe money on electricity by using something that is already there: water reservoir.

The sun and the warmth it provides is essential for any grower to be successful, and luckily its services come for free. The water reservoir however, is a different story entirely. Maintaining the water level and its cleanliness has always been a costly endeavor due to the large amount of energy required. Solar panels are a green and clean approach to generating this energy yourself. For some growers, however, suitable roof surface is scarce.

The Green World Company has come up with a way to hit the bullseye twice with a single shot. Our all new patented modular floating system is light-weight, contains zero plastic and customizable to reservoirs of any shape or size. The substructure is made out of 100% aluminum, enabling growers to not only harness the power of the sun, but save on cleaning and maintenance costs due to its algae repellant qualities.

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Flexibleand modular

The Green World Company understands that no two bodies of water are exactly alike, making flexibility and customization even more vital when looking at possible floating solutions for your business. This flexibility, combined with our experience-based advice, makes our floating system compatible with any situation.

Always thehighest quality

Strict quality control and a product selection process fine-tuned to ensuring maximum yield and durability is key to TGWC’s success, while also allowing for greater ease of maintenance and quicker problem solving. Every PV-Module used in a Green World system are Tier 1, meaning the highest yields, top of the class product lifespan with warranties to match, and universally loved by insurance and financing companies.