Off Grid Solar PV Systems

Hoop en kansen voor ontwikkeling

Living in remote area's has been uncomfortable for a long time. Not anymore!. Off Grid Solar Systems have become affordable for more and more people. Systems are made for households, multiple households combined, neighborhoods and even whole villages. It's not just about bringing electricity: it's about bringing hope to people. Electricity for all means chances for development, broadening your world, education. Technically; the systems consist of Solar PV Panels. Storage [batteries] and Connection Box.

The Green World Innovation Team have developed a Smart System designed for every application. We focus on newest technologies [lithium] and price reduction. The market has become more and more mature to adopt off grond or semi off grid. The main advantages? Having electricity 24 hours per day, no diesel or fuel [costs and noice], little or no maintenance and .... a splendid contribution to a Greener World!